Persistent SAR

Persistent SAR

Satellite Intelligence

Get actionable intelligence, with daily briefings, for persistent SAR satellite monitoring missions

Satellite Intelligence

Get actionable intelligence, with daily briefings, for persistent SAR satellite monitoring missions

SAR Satellite Intelligence

Fully Managed Intelligence as a Service

The future of SAR is large-scale, persistent monitoring. SAR’s Day-or-Night & All-Weather capabilities provides a no-compromise approach to mission critical geo-intelligence.

Commercial SAR

Augment your intelligence bandwidth with growing constellations of next-generation SAR providers

Daily Briefing

Rapid turnover of new SAR data & analysis produces actionable intelligence with At-A-Glance Briefings

SAR @ Scale

Commercial SAR + AI provides an opportunity to rapidly scale active monitoring mission for Large-Scale-SAR

SAR Use Cases

Our SAR Intelligence as a Service provides you with large-scale, active geo-monitoring for near-real-time, mission-critical insights. Rapidly scale your SAR Ops to benefit from the unique radar-imaging & radio-detection provided by our commercial partners.

Defense / Security

Actively monitor sites & assets with SAR for daily updates & analysis in: change detection, object detection, & mission specific events.

  • Overwatch & Monitoring
  • Border & Maritime Security

  • Hidden-Asset Discovery

Fintech / Corporate

Generate unique Alpha with trading & investing strategies powered by SAR Satellite Intelligence with at-a-glance breifings delivered daily.

  • Competitor Asset Tracking
  • Port/Site Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Intelligence

Insurance / Gov

See through natural disasters as they happen; monitor impact to lives & livelihoods for emergency response and damage assessment.

  • Damage Assessment

  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Recovery

Persistent SARSAR + AISynthetic Aperture Radar

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Mission Order Flow

How We Scale Up Your SAR Bandwidth

SAR Intelligence as a Service solves the problem of accessing & analyzing Commercial SAR Satellite Data to create time-sensitive, actionable intelligence. Scale-up your SAR Operations at a fraction of the cost of current overwatch missions.


Mission Scope Alignment & Feasibility

Agencies request a SAR Intelligence Mission by providing Areas Of Interest(AOI), tasking constraints, and mission goals for our SAR Mission Specialists to persistently monitor.


Daily Tasking, Analysis, & Briefing Delivery

Working with our Commercial SAR Partners; we manage the acquisition & mission-specific analysis of SAR data. We rapidly delivery daily briefings for at-a-glance intelligence gathering.


Mission Completion & Extendability

After 7 days of persistent SAR monitoring & daily briefings, the mission reaches completion or is extended for an additional week of intelligence gathering of the mission's AOIs.

SAR Persistent Imaging Modes


5 km x 5 km
0.5 m x 0.25 m

Spot Extended Area

15 km x 15 km
0.5 m x 1.0 m


30 km x 50 km - 600 km
0.5 m - 2.5 m x 3 m

Briefings That Fit Your Mission

Single Site

SAR Tasking & Analysis of a single region or AOI over a 7 day period with rapid daily briefing delivery

Multi Site

Actively monitor a number of AOIs, with varying mission scope; receiving individual daily briefings per-site

Shared Scope

Mission wide scope applied to a number of AOIs, with a single aggregate briefing delivered daily

Put Commercial SAR to Work for Your Mission

Does your mission require monitoring a large number of sites for strategic operational awareness? boxMica’s SAR Service rapidly scales to unlock large-scale SAR Intelligence for your missions with the power of Commercial SAR & Artificial Intelligence.

A SAR Mission Manager will reach out to begin a dialogue around your mission

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Persistent SAR Intelligence

Fully Managed SAR Intelligence Operations

Scale Your Ops with boxMica SAR

boxMica’s Fully Managed SAR Intelligence Service lets you scale up your active monitoring missions fast & cost effectively

Daily Delivered Briefings

Our Intelligence-at-a-Glance Briefings empowers your organization with efficient ingestion of SAR for large scale ops

Explore the Persistent SAR Intelligence Product Briefing Today

The Power of Commercial SAR

Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat

SAR Imaging Capability provided by ICEYE

Our data partner ICEYE has developed Daily Coherent GTR. With ICEYE's DCGTR & boxMica, high-fidelity site & asset monitoring can be performed on a scale never before seen, all while reducing your overwatch costs.


Persistent SAR Data Partner

Why Choose boxMica?

We accelerate your ops with Commercial SAR + AI

We increase your bandwidth for SAR Intelligence with the power of Commercial SAR Satellite Data & our fully-managed Intelligence as a Service offerings.

With boxMica, you can monitor any number of AOIs across multiple missions without burdening your existing operations & decreasing your overwatch costs.

SAR Intelligence Service



boxMica’s fully-managed SAR Monitoring Service provides actionable intelligence with daily briefings for active satellite monitoring & analysis

SAR + AI on the Space Coast

SAR + AI on the Space Coast

SAR + AI on the Space Coast

A Groundswell Member

Come visit boxMica on Florida’s Space Coast. A member of the Groundswell Startup community; boxMica was 1 of 9 companies chosen for the 2022 Space Coast Pitch Challenge.

Persistent SARSAR + AISynthetic Aperture Radar

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